Our system has been optimized through extensive testing ranging from battlefields all across the word, to International shooting competitions.     It has been deployed countless times with key military personal and used in a variety of engagements where actual lives were on the line and failure is not an option. You can rest assured that if you purchase one of our stocks or any of our products, we have done everything we possibly could to make certain that you will get consistent and dependable performance EVERY TIME.

We are proud to offer Military and Law Enforcement Discounts on all items not on special.

We also manufacture:

Scope Bases, Piccatiny Rails etc...

Simply remove your existing stock and replace it with our aluminum modular chassis.

Our components are CNC machined to such exact tolerances that there is NO GUNSMITHING  REQUIRED!

McRees Precision - Aluminum Rifle Stock Systems - Shooting Accessories

If you purchase a chassis/rifle with an embedded cant indicator level from a source other than McRee's Precision or an authorized dealer for McRee's Precision, it is not authorized by McRee's and you may be liable for infringing McRee's Patents. If you infringe McRee's Patents, you may be responsible for paying money damages, enjoined from using the chassis/rifle you purchased, and even required to pay McRee's attorney fees spent enforcing its rights against you.

Quickly convert your rifle into a modular chassis  with a detachable box magazine.

We have rifle chassis in stock that will fit over 50 different manufacturers